Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Business Cases for Space Ventures

What is the business potential of outer space? I am not an engineer, I am a Finance manager. I am a spreadsheet artist. I am creating this blog to discuss a few business cases behind the clever space and newspace ideas our engineering friends are coming up with. I want to explore the markets, initial customers, breakeven price points, and financing necessary for such space ventures to succeed (or fail).

I want to explore the differences between the space industry and other high growth sectors within the US economy. What business lessons can the space community learn from other sectors (e.g. how do we incentivize the space industry to behave more like Silicon Valley?).

And I want to meet like minded people who enjoy an evening in front of a spreadsheet (I hope you are out there somewhere!). I probably won't develop the ideas explored on this blog to the point of creating business plans for them (go for it if you want to), but I hope some of the ideas refined through discourse on this blog turn into successful businesses some day - so help yourself! Ideas are cheap. Implementers wanted!

I hope that is not too much to ask. Welcome, let's get started.

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