Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Space Show's Classroom Series

David Livingston over at The Space Show is offering a wonderful space primer called The Space Show Classroom.  Dr. Livingston teaches graduate Space Studies courses at UND and has joined forces with Dr. John Jurist (Physicist and blogger) and Dr. Jim Logan (NASA, Life Sciences, Space Medicine) to create the Space Show Classroom series.  20+ audio sessions (1.5-2 hours each) providing a significant overview of rockets, space business, and the challenges of developing the frontier.  In addition to each audio program, you will find course materials at Space Show Classroom Blog.

The series is still new. David is planning to mix in these programs in with the other Space Show content, about two per month.

So far, he has tackled:
  1. An Introduction (you could probably skip this one and read the syllabus.)  His main point in this episode: the Classroom series would be more structured and on-topic than a typical program - structured similar to a graduate level course.
  2. The Rocket Equation - Paul Breed as guest.  Go to this post of mine and play with the rocket equation spreadsheet if you are new the Rocket Equation.  Then listen to this Space Show.  The team does a GREAT job explaining.  The course material on the blog is also helpful!
  3. Flight Dynamics - NASA's Dan Adamo as guest. 
I will try to listen to each one as they are available and will post comments germane to space business on this site.  But I highly encourage you all to get smart...even on this engineering stuff!

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