Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Power of Video to grow New Space

Do you remember the early updates Armadillo gave on their rocket development progress?  They were open about both their successes and failures.  First the updates were text based.  Then pictures were added.  And then, with flame in the machine shop, came Video.  And video. And Video.

We not only watched the Lunar Lander Challenge live via the web, but in the months leading up to the official attempts to win the prize, Masten and Armadillo both posted videos showcasing their progress.  These videos became bragging rights, milestones, marketing opportunities, insights into their technologies (you better believe Masten and Armadillo disected each other's videos looking for any advantage).  And even after the LLC, the videos continue (maybe not as many as we would like), but..

Armadillo to an altitude of 2,959 feet.  Video.
Masten first to do in-air restarts.  Video.
Armadillo second to do in-air restarts.  Video.
Armadillo first to use retractable landing gear. Video.

And the video is not poor quality.  These companies recognize the marketing power of these videos.
Multiple camera angles.  Video.
High Quality recordings.  Video.

Video has power.  Video connects a community in a way text and pictures cannot.  Below is a Ted Talk by Chris Anderson on the power of video to promote innovation in a community especially those communities whose finished product cannot be emailed to others (think software).  Chris's talk is 18 minutes.  Watch it and ask yourself, just like Masten and Armadillo, how can New Space use this medium to share more and push humanity out to LEO and beyond.  Thanks Chris.  Good stuff.


  1. Hi Colin,

    You've touched on an area that I've recently started a news firm on and want to package the increasing video coverage of space in a "professional, mainstream manner".

    We've created it is a news network that will provide space news delivered in a mainstream business way, a lot different to how current ones are delivered.

    We currently building up a network of global correspondents that will work with NSN to provide stories and material and it's delivered in a professional manner covering various aspects of space internationally. We'll probably do one a week and then increase, the goal is a 24 hour channel and I believe this is possible without doubt.

    This is a result of a non-profit organisation I founded in South Africa called the African Space Institute to promote, educate and enhance the commercial space sector and since its start we've created roughly two space-related firms a month,

    I'll be sure to keep you up to date if you wish on NSN and as to when it is launched.

    Till then, keep up the great blog!
    Kind regards
    Brad Inggs
    brad.inggs @

  2. Brad:

    I've checked out and I would be interested in learning more. Shoot me an email if interested in talking further about your plans for using video to promote New Space.


  3. thanks Colin, would be great to talk more about it. How do I go about emailing you? Looked for an email but can't find one, I might be looking in the wrong spot?

    Kind regards