Monday, March 14, 2011

60 NanoSat Mission Ideas

AxelSpace's WNIsat-1
The 2nd Nano Satellite Symposium is being held today at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Evidently the Tsunami has shortened the event from three days to one day. At the conference, AxelSpace and Symposium organizers announced sixty entries in a NanoSatellite Mission Idea contest.

Symposium organizers list the top 32 entries (and a mission abstract).  These top 32 entries come from 22 different countries signaling (or at least hinting at) strong international demand for a NanoSat launch capability.

The Top 32 Mission Concept Titles (listed with 10 Finalists on Top):

  1. Integrated Meteorological / Precise Positioning Mission Utilizing Nano-Satellite Constellation
  2. Distributed Multispectral Imaging System
  3. The Service for Individual to Meet Space; Future Space Funeral
  4. ExoplanetSat Constellation
  5. Northern Communication and GPS-based science Nanosatellite constellation mission
  6. Space Advertiser (S-VERTISE)
  7. Global ship monitoring using space-based AIS receivers
  8. Experiment of Tethered Nanosatellite Flying with Electrodynamic Tether
  9. Demonstration of Optical Stellar Interferometry with Near Earth Objects (NEO) using Laser Range Finder by a Nano-Satellite Constellation: A Cost-effective approach
  10. A Global Water Pollution Monitoring Satellite System (WAMS)
  11. Fire Alarm Constellation
  12. Medium/large vehicle tracking system
  13. Global water pollution monitoring using a nanosatellite constellation (WAPOSAT)
  14. Satellite Constellation for Monitoring of Chemical Composition of Earth Atmosphere
  15. Constellation of Atmospheric Density Research Experiments (CADRE)
  16. Building a long-distance power transmission system that uses magnetic resonance with nano-satellite
  17. EBELESAT 1
  18. Disaster Monitoring Constellation using Nanosatellites
  19. ELYSSAT A Nano Satellite for the desert remote-sensing
  20. Fire observing Nanosatellite Constellation
  21. Global orbital monitoring of nuclear facilities decommissioning - NUCLFADESAT
  23. Monitoring of on Earth Vegetation by Means of Spectral Analysis
  24. Nano SOS (Space Object Surveillance)
  26. ODEI –C24
  27. SPILL-SATCON, Satellite Constellation Mission Idea to Detect Oil Spills in Oceans
  28. Radio Telescope Nano-satellites
  29. Constelacion de Radio - Satelites
  30. Nanosatellite Constellation for Rural Telemedical Applications
  31. Silk Road Intellectual Transport System
  32. Stranded Traveler Tracking System

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