Saturday, April 16, 2011

When you Are on the Moon you can Touch it!

In school this week, my son learned about his senses.  In an effort to describe the difference between "sight" and "touch" the teacher used the moon as an example.  "The moon is something we can see but not touch," my son's teacher explained.  Incredulous, my son announced,

"When you are ON the moon you can touch it."

It is our job to create this attitude in a whole new generation - of course you can touch the moon when you are on it because your generation will travel to the moon  - not just the astronauts of this new generation, but you personally.  This new generation will go to the moon and use the moon's resources and learn from the moon and have fun on the moon.  The moon is REAL - let's go touch it!

1 comment:

  1. Heh. That's adorable. Your kids are cute.

    A year or so ago, back in Tehachapi, we were walking back to our apartment late at night on a night with a beautiful full moon. Jonny pulled me over and said "Daddy, I want to go there with you someday." :-)

    Kids are wonderful.