Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Outside Insider

ASM "D2S" reaching out from ISS
In my last post, I talked about the business lessons applied in developing the Altius Space Machines Business Plan.
Jon Goff, Altius’s CEO, thanked quite a few people in his post here.  On the business side, recommendations and advice came from a host of valuable people including:

  • Friends and Internal reviewers of drafts 
  • Online Resources like Venture Hacks
  • Business Plan Judges (post-pitch feedback)
  • Company Advisors and Investors

One person that fills the dual-role of Advisor and Investor for ASM is Richard David of NewSpace Global. Richard David has been a great asset to Altius providing that critical opinion,

“How does this look from the eyes of an investor?”

If you don’t have such a person for your venture – get one! You need an Outside Insideron your team. Someone that believes in you/your Company and understands your business plan/market/technology but still can bring fresh eyes to how you explain these themes to the uninitiated.

Richard is also bullish on the new space industry and will be rolling out New Space Global in the coming weeks at which time I will post a more formal interview with Richard and let him explain his new venture first hand.

But for now, let me thank all of those people that contributed business ideas and recommendations that got swirled together into the Altius Space Machines business plan win.


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