Saturday, September 11, 2010

Altius Space Machines

I see today, Jonathan Goff announced the creation of the latest new space company, Altius Space Machines. Jon was one of the founding members of Masten Space Systems, winner of NASA’s Lunar Lander Challenge and Masten’s lead propulsion engineer. Now Mr. Goff is leaving Masten to start his own aerospace company.  Masten’s blog highlights their new talent they hired both to replace recent departures and arm the company with the talent to climb to 100KM and beyond.

After reading of these developments, here are a few thoughts:

  1. I can’t wait to read more details of what Jon Goff has planned for Altius Space Machines. Jon’s blog, Selenian Boondocks, has long been a source for innovative space commercialization ideas. I look forward to Jon implementing many of his innovative ideas at his new company.
  2. I mentioned in a past post how much the new space industry, as a whole, gains by having an increase in the total number of firms. I have described how an increase in the number of new space firms should increase liquidity opportunities for new space investors. In Jon Goff and Altius Space Machines we see a second industry advantage for an increased number of firms – experience in the employee base for the industry. Those employees that were on Masten’s winning team – some are still with Masten (inspiring the next generation of engineers), some are now with Armadillo, and some are starting new firms - all have leveraged their LLC experience for the future benefit of the industry. I love it.
Good Luck Masten.  Good Luck ASM.

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